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Novell IT Summer Conference 2014

The third annual Novell IT Summer Conference was held in Sigulda, Latvia, from Aug. 27th to 30th, 2014.


  • Novell Vibe ja GroupWise (Aug. 27th)
  • NetIQ Access Manager ja Identity Manager, Novell Service Desk ITIL (Aug. 28th)
  • Deep dive in Vibe (Aug. 29th)

Schedule of presentations:

  • Aug. 27th - Mobile management and BYOD
    Centrally managed workstations disk encryption
    Secure, fast and easy to manage eMail – GroupWise 2014 – what's new
    World of managing our productivity tools – IT devices
    How to put in order your applications user sources and provide single-sign-on for users
  • Aug. 28th - Secure, controlled and simple file sharing - Filr
    Filr practical use cases
    Ready to use Service desk with already built in ITIL proceses
    Security is not a bad idea
    Identity Management
    How to give users just enough access rights and how to control them
  • Aug. 29th -How many passwords are you able to remember?
    Suse Linux Enterprise 12 is (almost) here
    Build your special Linux appliance (Suse Studio)
    Opensource monitoring by Zabbix
    Practical Linux management (Suse Manager)
    Summary and your ideas

The presentations of the events can be seen here.

 Here you can see our presentation of Novell Collaboration Tools and Integration.