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Novell IT Summer Conference 2013

Novell IT Summer Conference 2013 presentations and workshops

Novell Vibe 3.4

Novell Vibe 3.4 is out.

Novell Netware support ends

Netware support ends next year.

Filr demo - review

May 28th, 2013, Materials of the seminar held in  Tallink Spa & Conference hotel

Files sharing Nr2 and other 'best kept secrets"

Novell seminar May 28th, 2013, in Tallink Spa & Conference hotel in Tallinn

New word in file sharing - Filr

Novell has brought us its new file sharing solution -  Filr

GroupWise 2012 SP2 update

New update to the latest version of GroupWise 2012 is out.

Novell IT Summer Conference 2014

Novell IT Summer Conference 2014 presentations and workshops

GroupWise updates - August 2014

New updates for different versions of GroupWise were issued.

Hardware and system software

Servers, storage solutions and other necessary hard- and software

Open Workgroup Suite

Modern groupwork solution



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